California State University Consortium for International Development

International Agriculture Assistance

The California State University Consortium for International Development (CSUCID) is a group of five California State Universities (Chico, Fresno, Humboldt, Pomona and San Luis Obispo) with active and diverse expertise in international development projects. The CSUCID was established in 2005 to offer a core of expertise to high-priority Federal and Non-Governmental international agriculture and related development initiatives currently underway across the globe. Currently, the CSUCID boasts a database of more than 400 faculty and industry specialists with international development experience.

The CSUCID is a results-oriented organization that emphasizes sustainable development through expert farmer-to-farmer transfer and hands-on training. This is achieved by utilizing the wealth of practical information through applied research projects within the CSU system, which traditionally focuses on problem solving and concrete deliverables to benefactors.

The CSUCID, part of the largest state university system in the country, collectively provides a variety of agricultural and development consulting expertise including international research, technical assistance, specialized training, extension, graduate student training and links to private industry agribusiness leaders throughout the United States. Areas of expertise include water management and irrigation, food and dairy processing, enology and viticulture, forestry, environmental sciences, small farm management, agribusiness marketing, small and medium enterprise development and much more.

The CSUCID also encourages and facilitates strong collaborative applied research and extension partnerships with other qualified universities and professional organizations, faculty and specialists, such as those from the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE), other Land-Grant universities, the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Agency for International Development and the Millennium Challenge Corporation. As a multi-campus program, the CSUCID provides recruiting, screenings, evaluations and country briefings for technical assistance candidates.

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